Welcome to The Advait Villas
Hyderabad's First Fully Serviced Villas

Step into a comfortable new world, where you can focus on the activity that you like the most and you don’t have to worry about housekeeping and cooking ever.

Surprised how? It is as simply as this. Just by a villa with us!

Once you buy a villa and become a member of the Advait Villas, allow us to transport you into a world of absolute comfort & safety.

You are a highly accomplished and successful person in your profession. You have very little spare time in which you want to do things that you like most. Play with your child, take off with your spouse for a weekend getaway, try out shopping as a sport. And while you are doing all this or want to do this, who is going to take care of the housekeeping of your home and preparation of meals for the family?

This is where we came in. We understand that the modern day lives demands a lot of your time. While you and your family members are busy doing their own things, we will quietly & efficiently take care of the housekeeping needs of your home.

Modern families work hard & need quick, nutritious and well balanced meals. Our common dining hall provides just that. Right from your preferences to your favourites, a family’s food requirement & cooks delicious, timely & health meals.

And not just these, you don’t ever have to worry about the urban commute, simply rent out work space from our fully equipped business centre. Walk to work in comfort. Save your time and the planet. Our communal work spaces come full equipped with hight speed internet, Business Equipments, conference & meeting rooms.

Don’t worry if your young child needs immediate medical care. Relax, no problem. Just walk across to the Medical Centre (call the Medical Professionals) & get the best of the treatment to the precious little apple of the eye.

While we take care of your every need, we also keep an eagle’s eye on the community with 24 hours security. Advait Serviced Villas is equipped with the best of the security systems that will keep your family and you, safe and secure.

Come, live at Advait Villas. Relax in a home that is always clean and tidy.